Couples Counselling

If you find yourself stuck in the same arguments over and over, without getting to the root cause of what’s going on, couple’s counselling  can help. As partners, we each bring our own ‘baggage’ from the past, as well as complex perspectives, habits, emotions and fears. In the whirlwind of our day-to-day lives, when arguments and disagreements arise, we don’t often get the opportunity to sift through this to connect with the root cause of what’s really wrong. Instead, we often end up debating the minute details of each situation without ever reaching resolutions. Often one or both partners feel overwhelmed and like there is no way to ‘win’, so they end up giving in, or leaving just to end the fight while the other is left feeling alone and disconnected.

I use an approach called Emotionally Focused Couples therapy (EFT), which allows partners the space for the conversations that may not be happening in the real world. In couples counselling, we will work together as a team to unpack what the feelings of anger, loneliness, and disconnection are really about and explore how each partner can begin to feel valued, accepted and secure in their relationship once again. The couples I work with are individuals interested in exploring how to make their relationship thrive again in the midst of life transitions, mental health struggles, grief, various stages of parenthood, as well as those who experience distance and tension as a result of everyday life stressors. 

As a team, we will uncover the patterns you are stuck in and combine forces to challenge the cycle rather than your partner, and move forward to explore new ways of interacting with each other that foster trust, safety and intimacy. All relationships experience difficulties, but there is still hope of reconnecting to the person who you once experienced as your ‘safe place’ in the world, the person who made it feel like you could tackle anything with, or the person that once inspired you to be the best version of yourself.


To learn more about my approach to counselling or ask questions about how I might be able to support you, connect with me for a free consultation call.