Relationship issues


I support individuals struggling with a wide variety of relational challenges, including difficulties in specific relationships and difficulties that somehow seem to appear across several relationships.

Perhaps you, like many others I work with, find yourself struggling with:

  • Trusting others

  • Setting boundaries

  • Feeling angry or anxious for ‘irrational’ reasons

  • Communicating needs, fears or feelings to others

  • Feeling valued or worthy in your relationship(s)

  • Being authentic or yourself in your relationship(s)

  • Expressing sexuality within romantic relationships

  • Childhood peer and family of origin issues

  • Parental relationships during periods of transitions


Typically my approach to counselling focusing on relationships is twofold: developing skills to handle difficult conversations, feelings and situations, as well as exploration into the past relationships, beliefs, perceptions and traumas that may be influencing your ability to form healthy, trusting connections with others.

In relationship-focused counselling, you can hope to develop a better understanding of the root cause of issues in your relationships. My hope is to help guide you towards becoming more confident in handling aspects of relationships that you are responsible for, while developing the self-compassion often necessary to face relational issues you cannot control. My favourite aspect of relationship-focused counselling is the powerful fact that with awareness and a little bit of work, we are able to both develop clearer boundaries with those that treat us in ways that are harmful or unhelpful, while at the same time learning to trust and form more open connections with those who support us and bring out the best of who we are.

For partners looking for support in their relationship, I also offer couples counselling.


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