personal growth


As you’re falling asleep at the end of the day, or maybe as you’re laying in bed in the morning, savouring a few extra moments of sleep, you find yourself wondering… am I doing this right?

Your life is objectively okay… maybe even good, but to you, it feels like something is missing. Maybe it’s that you’re looking for more connected, inspiring relationships. Maybe there’s something you’re passionate about that you’re just not making time for. Or maybe you’ve built a life that you thought you were supposed to, you know - the one that was going to make you finally happy, relaxed and content - but it doesn’t feel like you thought it would. There’s also the possibility that you just honestly don’t really really know who you are.

When problems cross our paths that we know nothing about dealing with, typically we ask an expert, or even a friend. But when it comes to our value as person, our lives, or our emotional and mental health and well being, it can be so challenging to ask for a little extra guidance! Often fear or embarrassment cause us to put off asking until the problem is so big we no longer could ignore it if we wanted to. I appreciate the courage that has brought you here now, wherever it is you are at!

If you’re looking to explore your values, your relationships, career, or how to create a more fulfilling life, I would love to tackle this together! We will explore what you already have in place, what’s missing, and what’s holding you back. You will also gain more confidence in your own intuition, develop self-awareness and greater sense of ease and being comfortable in your own body, heart and mind.


To learn more about my approach to counselling or ask questions about how I might be able to support you, connect with me for a free consultation call.