When you feel depressed, often your entire view of the world shifts. It’s likely you experience feeling empty, uninspired and numb, a ‘feeling’ that not even the sunniest of days, your favourite people or activities can impact. The causes of depression are as varied as the people who experience it. While depression can be brought on by trauma, loss and various other life challenges and circumstances, often there is no obvious reason for feeling this way. Many individuals experience depression following periods of anxiety or overwhelm, or in tandem with feeling high-jacked by sadness or other difficult emotions.

Depression, whether short or long term can begin to affect your life in the following ways:

  • Difficulty motivating self

  • Physically weak and exhausted

  • Feeling constantly numb, shut down and unengaged

  • Missing work or other important events or responsibilities

  • Relational issues such as feeling disconnected, social isolation, often connected to anxiety, or the fear of burdening others

  • Experiencing shame, embarrassment or frustration that you can’t ‘get over it’

  • Believing you are worthless, or not good enough

  • Self-harm or thoughts of suicide


Counselling provides you with the opportunity to start exploring strategies for feeling more connected, engaged and enjoyment in your life. We will work to understand situations and people that may contribute to you feeling depressed in your present life and how the past might contribute to you feeling so stuck. While depression can feel like a lonely, empty place, I will work with you side by side, step by step as make your way back to what’s important to you.


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