Core Values

Several values that are important in my own life influence the way I work with clients, and potential clients like yourself. Here is a small window into who I am as a person, as well as a counsellor.



We can only change, accept or move towards what we are aware of. There is always more to learn – about ourselves, others and the world. The draw to understand the struggles and joys of both others and myself is at the heart of what initially interested me in the realm of counselling and psychology. My curiosity has led me on my own ongoing journey in counselling (both to heal and to thrive!), to keep learning about topics that fascinate me (emotions, neuroscience and relationships, for a start), and to keep exploring new ways to make my life feel meaningful. I invite you to join me in being curious about yourself… to learn, to heal, to grow and to search out delight in your own life.


Being at ease with ourselves and in our relationships is one of the greatest tasks and rewards of our lives. There are many barriers to feeling at ease with who we are in our every day lives; some of which I have faced myself. My own journey towards being comfortable in my own skin is why I strive to prioritize creating a place where you can set aside any masks you may wear and just be you – even if that feels confusing, or scary at times. In my role as a counsellor I hope to offer you my genuine care, delight and even humour as we work to address your own barriers to feeling authentic. I think this is where the magic happens! Learning to be at ease with yourself allows you to trust your instincts and show up fully in your relationships, your passions, your career, and your life.


To me empowerment means finding a way to grow, heal and face challenges in a way that fits with our values, our personality and our own unique strengths. The beautiful thing is that empowerment can look like so many different things. We can find empowerment in self-knowledge and awareness, in nurturing healthy relationships, in learning how to breathe to calm anxiety, or in knowing how to create moments of delight and calm through pursuing our passions - the possibilities are endless!


We are biologically wired for connection. When movies, books or stories pull at our heartstrings, making us smile or cry, so often we are responding to the connection between two people, a character’s connection to themselves, or the connection between ourselves and a character. I think in our real lives, sometimes these connections get lost, pushed to the side or are difficult to lean into. Though it often takes work and patience, the most important aspects of my life are the connections I have built with others, and the connection I am building with myself on an ongoing basis. One of the most enjoyable parts of being a counsellor is creating real connections with individuals like you. I look forward to witnessing each person I work with strengthen, refine and expand their relationship with themselves, others and their passions.


Expression is the doorway to healing and growth – hence the age old cliché, “How do you feel about that?” Though at times expressing our thoughts and feelings can be terrifying, I believe expression is necessary for emotional and mental wellbeing. My office is no stranger to both traditional and creative approaches – expression can take the form of speech, laugher, metaphor or imagery; finding tools to manage the expression of difficult emotions; or even exploring body sensations, movement, or yoga. I also place a high value on the exploration of hobbies or projects that allow for expression and over the years have enjoyed many hobbies, including drama, nutrition, singing, yoga and dance. I hope that along the way everyone has the opportunity to find an activity that allows them to experience the growth and delight I have felt each time I find a new passion that fits.


Set aside time and energy to celebrate – there is enough darkness and chaos in our days. Yes. Joy, laughter and celebration has its place in my life and my office. Over the past few years I have become the type of person that seizes opportunities to smile, laugh and celebrate - why not? Particularly in counselling, I think often we forget to pause take delight in small moments of happiness or calm in the midst of the storm. I hope you will join me in leaning into delight of what already exists, and delighting in the possibility of what is to come as well.


To learn more about my approach to counselling or ask questions about how I might be able to support you, connect with me for a free consultation call.